KEICHODO, an antique and sword enterprise started by Robert Hughes in Japan in 1986, offers all sword collectors the opportunity to have restorative sword work done in Japan at the most reasonable prices.


The name Keichodo was taken from "Keicho Jidai," an eventful 19 year period (1596-1614) in the history of Japan. It was on October 21, Keicho 5 (1600) that Ieyasu led an army of 104,000 men into battle at Sekigahara to win an easy victory over supporters of Toyotomi Hideyoshi who had died in Keicho 3 (1598). Ieyasu assumed many of Hideyoshi's powers leading to the unification of Japan and the establishment of a Tokugawa government lasting two and one half centuries. Ultimately, the achievement of Tokugawa Ieyasu was that he brought peace and unprecedented unity to Japan. Regarding sword production, the Keicho period was also a turning point in sword making with the appearance of Keicho Shinto swords. Today, Keichodo offers you quality samurai art and restoration services for your sword treasures. Highly reputable, Keichodo has held over forty exhibitions in Japan and participated for the past several years in "Dai Token Ichi," the world's premier exhibition and sale of samurai art held in Tokyo.

Exquisitely Lacquered Wakizashi

Heavy Silver Dragon Embraced Ken


Keichodo founder, Robert Hughes, believes an appreciation of samurai art is incomplete without deep understanding of practical martial applications. To this end, he has practiced four different martial arts over a twenty-five year period and holds four black belts.

Robert Hughes, Tenshin-sho Jigenryu 5th dan, Renshi Beginning a demonstration for Kokusai Budoin, the International Martial Arts Federation.

Demonstrating "sagate" or reverse hand cutting

With captured gold in the Niigata Prefecture Open Karate Tournament

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